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JLog - Prolog in Java

JLog is an implementation of a Prolog interpreter, written in Java. It's primary benefit is that can be run on almost any platform supporting Java (such as a web browser), and as such it is well suited for educational purposes. It works as both an application and as an applet.

It includes built-in source editor, query panels, online help, animation primitives, and a GUI debugger. It can open and save files when running as an application, but not as an applet (because of the security model for web browsers; however it is possible to copy and paste Prolog source between JLog and a local text editor).

JLog is also suitable for developers who need an embedded Prolog engine in Java. JLog make is easy to consult, construct queries, and evaluate query results. It also includes translation facilities to map between Prolog terms and standard Java objects.

JLog 1.3.6 is now available.

JLog is available as both a Java Applet that can be run locally or placed on a web page, and as a stand-alone application. More information is available in the Download section.

JScriptLog - Prolog in JavaScript

JScriptLog is an implementation of an ISO-standard Prolog interpreter, written in JavaScript. It is intended for web developers who wish to explore client-side Prolog applications.

Note: JScriptLog is presently suitable for developers and embedded applications only.

More information is available in the Download section.

Source code for JLog and JScriptLog is available, under the GPL. See the JLogic Project Summary page for more information.


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