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JLog - Prolog in Java

Browser users can click on the example hyperlinks, or open the URLs in another Java environment. 

To try an example,

  • From the Consult pane, click on the Consult button which appears at the lower right of the Source text area.
  • When the consultation completes, click on the Query tab at the top. The Query panel appears.
  • Click on the Query button to the right of the Query text field.

The following examples show JLog in action:

  • Queens, a program to solve the classic queens problem where we try to place N queens on an NxN chess board without any queen attacking another.
  • Belief Networks, a program which calculates the likelyhood of an event given the occurance state for an event, and a propabalistic graph of the the causal relations between events.  A fire alarm example is provided. 
  • Constraint Satisfaction, a program which implements a constraint satisfaction solver where variables must satisfy restrictions between other variables and must be instances of their domain.  A scheduling example is provided.
  • Neural Network, a program which learns parameterized logic using back-propagation in a neural-net approach.  A example is provided to learn the reading preferences of an author. 
  • Robot Simulator, A program that simulates the motion of a goal oriented, reactive robot in a simple environment.  The robot is a small car with a whisker.  The robot turns to move in the direction of its next goal, but when the whisker touches a wall, the car turns to avoid it. The example includes an animation of the robot's progress in the Animation panel and a sample environment.  This example uses the autorun feature of JLog to automatically consult, query, and set the visible pane.  The animation should appear running when the applet loads.
  • Definite Clause Grammar, A program that demonstrates the DCG support in JLog. Includes the grammar for a simple arithmetic expression.


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