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JLog - Prolog in Java

Requires Java 1.2.x or above. See notes below. Users can recompile JLog from the source to Java 1.1.x, (but is no longer a supported configuration).

Note for MS Internet Explorer:  MS Internet Explorer is stuck with verion 1.1 of the Java VM. Current versions of the Java VM to upgrade Internet Explorer are available from the download section of www.java.com.  

Note for Appletviewer:  Sun's appletviewer program supplied with the JDK 1.2.x and up works well with JLog and our examples.  To run the JLog applet using appletviewer, specify the JLog URL as a parameter to appletviewer.

Note for MacOS X Java Runtime: The Java 1.4, and 1.5 runtimes work very well with JLog and the preloaded examples below. To run the JLog applet using the Applet Launcher, open the JLog URL. To launch the application, double click on the JLog.jar file. One quirk with older versions of the Java Runtime for MacOS X is that the arrow navigation keys do not work in text boxes (use the mouse to change cursor location). In the Java 1.4.x runtime version, the query text field does not accept text entry, until text is entered in the text area below. This only seems to occur when run via appletviewer (it works properly in the browser and when run as an application).


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